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All are welcome!

I strive to be inclusive to all in my massage practice. Massage therapy has the power to be a very nurturing, healing experience, but for some, seeking massage therapy can be a stressful experience. Please know that all are welcome on my table! I am welcoming to all bodies, including (but certainly not limited to) those with scars or amputations, transgender men and women in all stages of transition, all body types from large to small, diabetics who may have pumps or catheters, and anyone who may have nervousness or anxiety about receiving massage therapy for any reason. I pride myself on my nurturing energy and touch- if you have any concerns about massage, just let me know! I would be pleased and honored to work with you to work through any reservations you may have. If for some reason I don't feel that I am the best therapist for your needs (for instance, I am not trained in the special needs of the very elderly, or those in the advanced stages of cancer), I will work with you to find a therapist who will meet your needs. And if you are seeing one of my fantastic therapists, know that I only hire those who embody this same philosophy of inclusivity. Namaste :-)


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