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When I tell someone that I am a Yoga teacher, the first question is always "what type of Yoga do you teach?" The simplest answer to that is, "The type of Yoga that has been practiced for 5000 years!" Every other Yoga style that you have ever heard of has branched out of Classical Yoga. Some of these are wonderful, authentic paths, and unfortunately many of these are simply "Yoga-flavored exercise" that have little to do with what Yoga really is. 

So what is Yoga? Classical Yoga (also known as Raja Yoga, or the Royal Path) is a complete system for restoring balance of body, mind and spirit. Yoga means "union", and through the guidance of a qualified teacher you can gain union of body and mind (through the breath, which links the two) and then union of mind and spirit. It is a practice that can be adapted to any age or physical fitness level; in Classical Yoga, the MAIN focus is on breath and mind/body awareness, and so physical limitations can easily be worked around. When teaching privately or to an all-levels class, I enjoy seeing what my student(s) would like to get out of their practice on any given day, whether it is more of a gentle, yin practice slowly relaxes the body and mind, or a faster-paced Vinyasa class that works to link breath with powerful, strength-building movements. Some of the many benefits of a Yoga practice include:

-managing stress

-increasing energy

-improving immune system

-improving flexibility, balance and strength

-improving posture

-beneficial to an array of medical conditions from high blood pressure to arthritis to clinical depression to asthma

If you would like to learn more about the eightfold path of Yoga, you may visit: , or of course you are welcome to contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Namaste!

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