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Massage/Bodywork Services and Rates

Welcome all! In my fully inclusive practice (to learn more, visit the "all are welcome" tab), we will work together as therapist and client to meet and fill your needs, whether it's stress relief or a detailed plan to deal with chronic pain.

We are at 600 Haverford Rd, Suite 201, Haverford PA 19041 (within the Main Line Counseling and Wellness Center). 

Our hours are as follows: (Hours may sometimes vary. Please reach out directly or check the app for the most up to date availability)

Tuesdays 1:00 pm- 5:30 pm

Wednesdays 8:30 am- 5:30 pm

Fridays 8:30 am- 5:30 pm

Saturdays 9:30 am- 4:00 pm

Sundays 9:30 am- 4:00 pm 

To schedule an appointment, you may download the MINDBODY app for your iPhone or Android (very user friendly!), you may contact us directly ( or 610-742-6720) or schedule online HERE. If you would like to prepay for your massage, be sure to visit the "online store" tab at the above link, or visit the "gift certificates" page. 


Therapeutic/Mixed Modality

The most commonly booked session, custom tailored to each individual client. To learn more about what is included, visit the "frequently asked questions" tab.

50 minutes: Single session $89; Series of 3 $255 ($85 each); Series of 6 $474 ($79 each)

75 minutes: Single session $119; Series of 3 $342 ($114 each); Series of 6 $654 ($109 each)

With all packages you may add additional time/services to any one session for your specific needs, simply paying the difference. Visit the "massage/bodywork enhancements" tab to learn more.


Aromatherapy Massage

Your therapeutic massage is enhanced with aromatherapy via pure essential oils (both diffused through the room and diluted in your massage cream). If you are booking online and you know what oils you enjoy, you may let usvknow what you would like ahead of time and we will have your oils diffusing when you arrive, or you may choose when you come in for your session. Aromatherapy may be added to any existing service for $10

50 min: $99

75 min: $129


Prenatal Massage

For the mommy to be at all stages of your pregnancy. Just as with therapeutic massage, we will work together to create a bodywork session that meets your specific needs, while using comfortable pillows and bolsters to safely support you and your growing belly. Please make sure you have the blessing of your midwife or doctor before scheduling. 

50 minutes: Single session $89; Series of 3 $255 ($85 each); Series of 6 $474 ($79 each) (any unused package massages at end of pregnancy may be rolled over to be used postpartum)

65 minute "induction" massage (includes aromatherapy) ***: $119

75 minutes (not for first trimester. In addition to sidelying, you will spend time safely reclined face-up, while we spend extra time on your head, neck, arms, and belly): Single session $119; Series of 3 $342 ($114 each); Series of 6 $654 ($109 each)


Table Thai Session

Thai massage is often nicknamed "the lazy man's Yoga". This is one option if you would prefer to stay clothed for your session. You will relax on the table in loose, comfortable clothing while we use a combination of compression and passive stretching (some of which resembles common Yoga postures) to deeply relax the body.

50 min: $89/ $85/ $79


Table Thai Fusion Session

In this extended session, you are undressed (and draped) as you normally would be for a massage, but we will thread Table Thai techniques and stretches throughout your session. 

75 min: $119/ $114/ $109


Reflexology Fusion

Reflexology is the stimulation of pressure points in the body, primarily in the hands and feet. In this session, you will remain fully clothed as we massage your scalp, face and neck, as well as work the pressure points in your hands and feet. 

50 min: $89/ $85/ $79


Hot Stone Massage

This therapeutic massage will incorporate smooth basalt stones that have been water-heated to the perfect temperature, being used as massage tools to delivery deeply penetrating heat. Heat is an amazing therapeutic tool that assists muscles in releasing, increases circulation, and gives a relaxing, sedating effect. Contraindicated for pregnant women. May be added to any existing service for a $15 upcharge.

**All packages have a "soft" expiration. 3 massage packages have a 6-month expiration, 6 massage packages have a 12 month expiration. Any massage may be upgraded (ie, a 50-minute upgraded to a 75-min for $30, or aromatherapy added for $10) or swapped for any service of the same price (like Reflexology fusion or Table Thai)  Any expired massages may be reactivated upon request, but please make every effort to use your sessions in the 6 or 12 month time frame. Don't see the package you want? Contact me for a custom quote to fit your needs!

***for the "induction" massage, you must be at least 39 weeks, you must consult with your doctor or midwife beforehand, and please know that we make no guarantees that labor will begin post-massage. The methods we use will gently encourage baby to come, but ultimately baby will come when he or she is ready! Please contact us for a detailed consult before scheduling this massage, which incorporates deep relaxation, acupressure point stimulation, labor-encouraging aromatherapy, and optional guided visualization. 

 *Chair massage*- interested in hosting a chair massage event at your office, home or event? We are available for chair massage services within 5 miles of Havertown, PA (farther distance will accrue a travel charge). The rate is $100/hour, with a minimum of 1.5 hours (one hour of service, 15 minutes of setup and 15 minutes of breakdown). Contact us if you are interested!


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