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Reiki / Healing Touch Energy Work and Rates

We are now thrilled to offer energy work to our clients! 

For centuries, civilizations and faiths from around the world have understood that we are made up of energy, and that this energy connects all of us (Prana, Chi, Qi, magnetic field, etc). There have been many forms of energy work throughout the years, all similar in the belief of this universal energy and it's ability to enhance the body's own innate ability to heal.

Sarah is trained in the tradition of Reiki, and Andrea is trained in the tradition of Healing Touch. You can learn more about both these modalities in the links below. 

In this session, you will remain fully clothed as you comfortably lay face up, supported by bolsters and pillows as needed. Your practitioner will move through the body, feeling for places where she is guided to stay, and simply allowing herself to be a channel through which this energy may flow to where it is needed. Your practitioner may alternate between laying on of hands and letting hands hover above certain places, however if you would prefer that the session be entirely hands off, please let us know and we are happy to accommodate. 

After your session, you may feel deeply relaxed or as though you have been meditating. Energy healing has been shown to be helpful in coping with anxiety and depression, and may assist in moving through trauma. Those working with physical ailments may find their body feeling healthier, with more range of motion in tight places, reduced pain, and overall sense of well being. Sensations of warming, tingling, floating, goose bumps, buzzing and more can be totally normal, and all sensations should feel pleasant (although it's ok if you don't feel anything at all!). It is important to note that the practitioner is not doing the healing, but rather acting as a channel through which this healing energy may flow, and encouraging the body/mind/spirit's own ability to heal. There are no contraindications for Reiki or Healing Touch, anyone can receive it and all can benefit from it. 

Rates for Reiki and Healing Touch are as follows:

50 minute Reiki/Healing Touch session

Single session $89Series of 3 $255 ($85 each); Series of 6 $474 ($79 each)

75 minute Reiki/Healling Touch and massage session (you will undress as normal for a therapeutic massage and may choose how much of your session you would like devoted to energy work, anwhere from 5-30 minutes)

Single session $119; Series of 3 $342 ($114 each); Series of 6 $654($109 each)

To learn more about Reiki:

To learn more about Healing Touch:



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