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Yoga Etiquette

New to Yoga? If you're unsure of the basic do's and dont's of Yoga class etiquette, here are some good guidelines for respecting your fellow students (and giving yourself the best, safest Yoga experience you can have!)

-Arrive on-time. If it is your first class, or if you have any injuries or special considerations, try to get there a few minutes early to speak to your instructor. Otherwise, please make every effort to be there on time. If you are late, be mindful of your fellow students, entering quietly. If the room is full and several students would have to move to make room, consider just coming to the next class. And if you are more than 10 minutes late, please come to the next class. Not only can it be disruptive to come in extremely late, but it can be dangerous! If you jump in to a sequence without having been properly warmed up, you risk injury.

-Leave the cell phones behind. Of course all cell phones should be turned on silent, but beyond that, please don't interact with your phone in the classroom. If you need to answer a text, or an email, or anything else, kindly step out to do so. But if it's not an emergency, just put it away! Your class experience will be much better for it.

-Be respectful of your instructor's expertise, and your own body limits. If your teacher is telling you to lengthen your spine and breathe, and you are vigorously bouncing your body to go deeper, you are both distracting those around you and risking injury to yourself. Be aware that ego is considered one of the obstacles to a Yoga practice. Pushing yourself to a place where you can't breathe well, trying to attempt a headstand because the person on the mat next to you is in one......these things can not only get you injured, but they will only serve to aggravate your mind, not calm it.

-Stay for Savasana! Savasana (final resting pose) is an integral part of your Yoga practice. Leaving before Savasana not only robs you of this essential part of your practice, but it can be extremely disruptive to those around you. If you absolutely have to leave the class early, please situate yourself near the door, take your own savasana a few minutes before you have to leave, and quietly remove yourself BEFORE your fellow students begin to settle in for their relaxation. This goes for any movement towards leaving- if you know that you will need to leave (or gather your things) before the final "namaste", again please do so before anyone has settled into Savasana. Once that begins, please commit to staying on your mat until the final bow.


If you have any questions at all about these suggestions or anything else, don't hesitate to ask!


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